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Evolution 22LR


                   CSC ARMS Evolution 22LR Suppressor. Our key feature with Nickel Boron K-Baffles Makes it Easy Cleaning. 

                     1/2-28 Thread.

                     1 Inch diameter. 

                     5 Inch Length.

                     3.5 oz Weight.

                     7075 T6 Aluminum, Hard Coat Anodized.

                     K-Baffles 7075 T6 Aluminum with Nickel Boron Coatings.

                     Steel Entrance cap.

                     Entrance cap can be removed with 3/4 wrench.

                     Exit cap can be removed with 5/16 Allen Wrench.

                     35% Noice Reduction.

                     Rated 22LR ONLY.

                     Class3 Item All NFA Rules Apply.

                      CSC ARMS has listen to there customers that have complained about 22LR ammo making suppressors so dirty so fast. So we have entered the market with our “Evolution 22LR”. By solving the two key issues. Evolution offers Nickel Boron coated baffles that make it easy to clean  just wipe off carbon build up. Also the End Cap is disassembled by 5/16 Allen wrench and Entrance Cap is removed by 3/4 wrench. Which everyone has those tools in there tool box.

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