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We Are The Only Company that has The Flattest Shooting AR Pistol/Short barrel In The Industry.

CSC ARMS WARHAWK AR PISTOL. CSC Forge Aluminum receivers. CSC Billet Aluminum 10"  or 7" KeyMod Handguard weight 10 ounces. CSC 10.5" or 8" 300 blackout 1/8 twist barrel Black nitrided coated, pistol length gas system, 5R Button rifled. OR CSC 10.5" 5.56/.223 1/7 twist Black nitrided coated, Carbine length gas system, 5R Button rifled. CSC 3 Port Muzzle brake. CSC Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group, CSC Nickel Boron Charging Handle, CSC Nickel Boron Mil-Spec Trigger Group. 

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